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Operating Name
Corporate Registration
City Centre
Postal code

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List of First Nations in this Tribal Council

152 Animakee Wa Zhing #37 PO BOX 267, SIOUX NARROWS, ON, P0X 1N0
153 Anishinabe of Wauzhushk Onigum PO BOX 1850, KENORA, ON, P9N 3X8
124 Big Grassy PO BOX 414, MORSON, ON, P0W 1J0
151 Northwest Angle No.33 BOX 1490, KENORA, ON, P9N 3X7
131 Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation PO BOX 160, NESTOR FALLS, ON, P0X 1K0

Tribal Council Geographic Detail

Geographic Zone
Zone 2 :
First Nation is located between 50 and 350 Km from the nearest service centre to which it has year-round road access.
Environmental Index
Index B :
Geographic location between 45 and 50 degrees latitude.

The allocation of funds to Tribal Councils for many ISC/CIRNAC programs can be influenced by factors such as geographic location distance from major population centres and the local climatic condition (latitude). Tribal Councils are assigned remoteness and environmental indices. These factors can be used in calculating funding allocations. These indices may affect funding for the following programs: Facilities Operation and Maintenance (O&&M); Education; Social Development; and Indian Government Support.

It should be emphasized that the intent of these indices is to provide a sense of geographic and economic reality in the funding process and as such must not be interpreted as a reflection of where a Tribal Council prefers to conduct its business.

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